Verbena essential oil is obtained through the method of steam distillation of branches with leaves of verbena lemon (synonyms: citric lemony, three-leaved aloesia) – Verbena triphylla, synonyms Lippia citriodora, Aloisia triphylla (Verbenaceae family – Verbenaceae).Verbena Essential Oil - Verbena Triphylla

Origin of the plant

South America (Chile, Argentina).

Distribution of the plant

Grows wild and is cultivated in South America, Europe (Mediterranean countries), Africa (Kenya, Algeria, Tunisia) and China.

Verbena essential oil properties

Moving yellowish-greenish liquid with an intense fresh pleasant lemon scent with floral-fruity notes.

The main components of the verbena oil

Citral, limonene, linalool, β-karyophyllene, 1,8-cineole, geraniol and its acetate, nerol and its acetate, nerolidol, α-terpineol, carvone, sesquiterpenes.

Verbena oil uses

Soothing, carminative, spasmolytic, wound-healing, deodorizing. Eliminates depressive state, irritability, fatigue, nervous exhaustion, removes from a state of hysteria. It enhances micro circulation, potency and milk production in nursing mothers. Normalizes blood circulation, increases blood pressure slightly.

Eliminates dizziness, headache and nausea, caused by spasms of cerebral vessels. Promotes the regeneration of tissues after bruises, bruises, sprains, fractures. It increases the cell turgor, rejuvenates, tightens, smoothes and tones the skin. Eliminates sweating, forms a persistent exquisite odor, increases the elasticity of problem areas of the body. Erotic stimulant. It facilitates labor activity.

Verbena oil benefits

Stress, chronic fatigue, asthenia, nervous tension, nervous exhaustion, depression, hysteria, irritability, insomnia, neurodermatitis, vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypotension, dizziness, headache, spasmodic pains, climacteric disorders, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual disorder, frigidity. Used for silhouette-massage.

Verbena essential oil recipes

  • In aromatic lamps – 3 – 5 drops.
  • For massage – 4-6 drops of essential oil per 10 ml of base oil.
  • For grinding, 7-8 drops per 10 ml of base oil.
  • For the bath – 3-6 drops of emulsified essential oil.

Another application

Used for flavoring drinks, preparing toilet waters and colognes, to give freshness to the compositions.

Verbena essential oil blends well with following oils

Verbena oil blends with oil of flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Side effects of verbena oil

Contraindicated in pregnancy, since verbene essential oil increases the tone of the uterus. Oil should not be used during sunbathing or before sunbathing (do not apply to the skin less than 1 hour before the procedure), as it has a phototoxic effect