If you answer this question briefly, then: CBD oil and hemp oil are not the same thing. These are completely two different substances, possess different properties that affect the human body in its own way, have different effects. In this article we will try to answer this question in more detail.

At present, sales of cannabidiol oil (CBD) oil, which can be used for medical purposes, are growing in many countries around the world.

CBD oil is made from hemp, the plant has a scientific name – Cannabis Sativa L. The oil does not have any narcotic effect. The name CBD is just an abbreviation of cannabidiol, one of the chemical components found in cannabis and marijuana.

Unlike hemp oil, CBD oil does not have a psychoactive effect on the human body, but it has a large number of healing properties.

The use of CBD oil does not entail changes in consciousness or perception of the world. The therapeutic effect manifested itself when scientists studied the effects on the human body of using marijuana. It turned out that CBD allows you to calm the body and get rid of unwanted panic attacks.

CBD is produced in the plant during the flowering period. For more than 30 years of research, many medical properties of CBD have been discovered. Clinical trials demonstrate that cannabioid allows the human body to withstand various ailments and disorders.

CBD oil effectively fights the following ills and disorders of the human body: spasms, convulsions, epileptic and mental attacks, has anti-inflammatory properties, and also inhibits the development of cancer cells.

Scientific and medical research has shown that using CBD oil is safe for human health.

The mechanism of action of CBD oil on the body

First of all, it is necessary to define the term endocannabioid system. The endocannabiodnaya system is a system that has been found in almost all mammals, encompassing millions of receptors in the brain, central and peripheral nervous systems.

Receptors have the ability to respond to cannabinoids. It is primarily about endocannabinoids, which the body produces independently. But in the process of scientific research it turned out that plant cannabinoids also act on receptors.

CBD acts primarily on receptors located in the brain and contributes to the inhibition of hyperactivity. Thus, CBD soothes the nervous and immune systems of the human body and thus helps to cope with nervous, mental disorders and autoimmune diseases that are caused by an over-reaction of the immune system.

Currently, a very large number of research results have been published, which have shown a positive effect of CBD on various body conditions: chronic pain, mitochondrial diseases, cancer, inflammatory processes and Alzheimer’s disease.