Cinnamon is a popular spice made from the bark of an evergreen tropical tree. It also produces an aromatic essential oil, which is widely used in home cosmetology. Experts recommend actively using cinnamon essential oil for hair as part of various masks and compresses.Cinnamon plant

This is a natural, very pleasant to use means that, in addition to the divine aroma, will give the curls shine, brilliance, smoothness, and most importantly – will accelerate their growth as much as possible. Such effectiveness of cinnamon oil is due to its rich vitamin composition, which nourishes the hair from the inside, transforming them externally.

The effectiveness of cinnamon oil for hair

The chemical composition of cinnamon oil differ in vitamins, tannins and cinnamon alcohol, which is responsible for the rapid growth of hair. By irritating the scalp and thus causing the metabolic processes to proceed faster, alcohol provides the hair follicles with good nutrition.

This awakens the frozen cells in the development of a new life – and the hair begins to grow. The bulk of the vitamins contained in cinnamon oil also actively nourishes the cells, contributing to an overall improvement in the condition of the hair: beta-carotene (a type of vitamin A) stops the strands from falling out into shreds. retinol (A) repairs damaged strands. choline (vitamin-like substance) “solders” split ends, as during hot haircut. thiamine (B1) treats any diseases of the scalp and is recommended for use by all trichologists. pyridoxine (B6) treats any form of seborrhea, one of the consequences of which is dandruff.

Riboflavin (B2) activates hair growth. phylloquinone (K) controls the normal development of the hair follicles, on which the growth of the strands depends. folic acid (B9) reliably protects the curls from various stresses (with frequent use of a hair dryer, during a walk under the hot sun without a hat, when salt begins to corrode the scalp from long swims in the sea, etc.). ascorbic acid (C) makes the curls silky. tocopherol (E) makes them resilient, shiny, resilient, very beautiful. Niacin (PP) is responsible for a rich, bright color, warns gray hair.

With such a unique tool with regular use, you can not worry about the diseases of the scalp, which it successfully treats. Even for a slight straightening of the strands, it can be successfully used if you are able to do it competently and carefully. Recommendations for its use will help solve many problems with the scalp and unruly, weakened hair.

Cinnamon oil for hair

The best recipes essential oil of cinnamon for hair is truly universal: it is used in night compresses and homemade masks, for self-massage of the head and fragrant aromatherapy, as well as vitamin enrichment shampoos. Hair growth and lightening are two functions that it performs before others.


Heat up to 30–35 ° C in a water bath 100–120 ml of olive oil (preferably cold pressed, since there are more beneficial substances in it), add 10 drops of cinnamon ether to it. Massage your head with your fingers in a circular, stroking motion for at least 5 minutes. Rinse off with regular shampoo.

Classic compress

Heat to about 35 ° C 100–120 ml of burdock cosmetic oil on a steam bath, add 10 drops of cinnamon ester to it. It is necessary to rub only into the roots, then to insulate with cellophane (polyethylene), a towel, it is advisable to leave overnight, at least for an hour. Easy to wash off with shampoo.

Adding to shampoo

450–500 ml of shampoo (you can use a conditioner or a conditioner balsam) add 10–15 drops of cinnamon ester. Use as a regular remedy for every shampooing.

Lightening mask

Ether of cinnamon (no more than 10 droplets) is mixed with natural honey (50 ml), which must be diluted with distilled water (100 ml), usual conditioner (200 ml), and fresh lemon juice (15 ml). Hold for 1–2 hours.

Mask for hair growth

On a water bath in different containers heated to 30 ° C 20 ml of coconut oil and 50 ml of natural honey. Mix them, add to them 20 ml of macadamia, 10 drops of cinnamon ether.

Time of action – no more than half an hour. Knowing the unusual, wonderful properties of cinnamon ether for hair (accelerates growth, stops loss, strengthens and nourishes the roots, makes them beautiful and shining), it is unlikely anyone will be able to refuse such pleasant surprises.

Take care of your hair, indulge them with effective recipes and enjoy the magic effect of cinnamon essential oil.